Thursday, July 26, 2007

snybo: a poem

snybo says so much
no things

so much of nothing
you know?

snybo, a hot alabaster mountain
a river made of all our dreams
that's the snybo
that's what the world is about

it's a life lesson
it's a fun dream
that's all

the diamond dungeon: an important poem

there is the diamond dungeon
it's so fresh
so funky
i need to get down with it

hunger dreams: a poem


when i woke up
this morning
the sun was up
it was shining

the sun's rays
so bright
it made me think of
the crustaceans under the sea
the ones that did the song
the one about the love


you go out into the field
you see all the trees around you
you feel this
it feels extreme


it's so good to think
of a reason
to eat the hot crawfish

in the hunger dreams

Monday, July 9, 2007

the morning clam harvest: a poem


as a young boy
in the valley
near the beach
we woke up


we held the clams
in our hands
we touched the clams
with our fingers
we knew what it was to live
and also to die


i miss those days
not a day goes by
that i don't miss those days
those good days
those clam picking days
those days when we learned

to be men

collapsial bohonk cheesfunger: a think-session

think about it


crispus dawn: a poem

snidely boys
at crispus dawn
out the window
of crispus dawn

time for cakes
on crispus dawn
everybody knows
it's crispus dawn