Tuesday, March 25, 2008

yeah! a fun song!

oh oh oh
that's good to know
he he he
that's good to be
everybody's happy
everybody's groovin'
everybody's crappy
everybody's movin'

Friday, March 14, 2008

nightshade 214 gamma: a

poison funberry
and also a fun ride to the doctor
is what awaits you at amazing happytown
located next to open circus
on route of fun
next to fun world
next to 299 776 55
388 653
3 3 88
je7 7
nine and six

wow borno: a poem

i met a man named wow borno
i asked him what his name meant
he told me to look in my heart
and i told him that that didn't make sense

but he was right, of course
i looked in my heart
my deepest heart, my heart of hearts
and i learned that wow borno
means peace on earth and loving kinship
and that is so amazing

ruminations: a poem

i thought i would own a house
off in the country somewhere,
with a kit-cat klock in the kitchen
and doors we'd never bother to lock

but it was not to be

no, it was not to be
i was not to live this beautiful dream
this idyll that men strive and die for
because, uh...
i don't know, it turns out i'm a ghost or something

the unforgivable poem: a poem

my sister just called from baltimore
she said:
need a dispenser here
need a dispenser here

strong poem: a poem

strong words from a strong man
are good for making strong things
strong box
strong nailpost
strong length of tape
strong voyage
strong building
strong mail building
are you convinced now?

ranger: a poem

i was in the brown and grey place
and i wanted to know why i was there
and they would not tell me why i was there
and i asked again
and they said
it's not important, so do not ask
and i huffed and i puffed
and that is how i became the man i am today

painting short: a short

poking painting
with a hand that does not feel paintings

this is metaphor #984625 for criticism of painting

divorce: a poem

need divorce must have divorce
divorce unit alpha
must do the divorce
section of h-document green
i want that divorce
and h-document green wants divorce

truth and honesty: a poem

no mountain high enough
no river deep enough
no storm fierce enough
no poison deadly enough
to keep me from loving and hugging ponies

a new man: a poem

here i am
a new man
not named wallace or jerry
but david, father of solomon
born back ceaselessly into posting exciting news items
on the science fiction messageboard i call my home

Thursday, March 6, 2008

the anthem: a catchy tune for everyone

i wanna live in a cave in a ground
i wanna live in a cave in a ground
i wanna live in a cave in a ground
bop bop doot doot sing it

i wanna live in a cave in the ground
i wanna live in a cave in the ground
i wanna live in a cave in the ground
bop bop doot doot sing it all right


houses: a poem

off to the side
you will see many houses
pay close attention
and you'll find they are filled with people
that's right
people live in those houses

islands: a short poem

small islands
large islands
i visit all kinds of islands

short islands
tall islands
yes, all kinds of islands