Sunday, May 25, 2008

closet: a poem

put things in your closet
go ahead, put them in your closet
put cans in your closet
put them in your closet
put very much happy in your closet
and tennis racket in your closet
and voyage four-four-eight-two in your closet
make your closet full of stuff
in the year 2000

poor performance tonight: a poem

poor performance tonight, jacob
poor performance tonight, reginald
you did poorly out there
your performance was poor
and you were poor
and reginald

fat grossman, attorney at law: a poem

fat grossman, attorney at law
on his desk a peach
on his desk a lemon
on his desk fresh oleander
this is the second coming
of our humble messiah

anthem for composing yourself: a poem

here is the anthem
for composing yourself
in the morning

take two dips of powder
and one taste of happiness
and put them together
and make a wish
and it will come true
i ga-rawn-tee

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

be quiet: a poem

everyone must be quiet
someone is coming
someone hears us
we must be quiet
hush, be quiet
stop that noise, be quiet
someone hears us, be quiet
stop making noise
be quiet

against the wind: a beautiful poem

harp against the wind
sing against the wind
that's so beautiful,
that art you make
you're so creative
wow, what a savings

nighttime in indiana: a poem

nighttime in indiana
the boys are here
the girls are here
nighttime in indiana
the street is here
the car is here
they get together
and make progress happen

nighttime in indiana
so dark and dreary
oh, my soul
oh, my freaking soul