Sunday, December 30, 2007

banana bounty: a poem


lo have i sailed
so many years at sea
so many years away from my family
but it's all good now,


we have returned
we have returned, glorious and beautiful
for we have the banana bounty
may peace visit this kingdom

we: a poem

so like cattle are we
flying through the air to our jobs
swimming through the ocean to our families
so like cattle are we

so like zoo animals are we
caged like the slaves of tender love
in our cages
like zoo animals

so shall we find a way
a way to scale the mountains
the mountains of our inner hearts
the mountains that teach us things
about life and strength and beauty
and also about being friends
so shall we find a way

short humor-sketch: a second sketch

one day i flipped a coin
it landed heads-up
i laughed
and something hit me in the face

a short sketch

humble young farmer
wakes to find his crops gone
upon their return
he throws his hosannahs skyward

man who lives in room
man who writes things like "destroyed face"
his pants are too tight
borzoi dognoise

Thursday, December 27, 2007

charlo: a poem

destroy ex fun bot
a good time in charlo
a good time for charlo
a good time aeroplane goes over charlo
and you see charlo
and you think of destroy ex fun bot
and you weep at charlo


toothgrinder is good
toothgrinder goes up a hill and you never see him again

Sunday, December 23, 2007

my poem to the lord: a poem

o lord! for you i send my hosannahs skyward
thy name brings me peace, thy will, purpose
i'm thinking of a number, lord
can you guess what it is?
that's right, it was four. you're great at this.

vanished think bar: a poem


lo vanishing
lo bar
lo my thoughts
how nice they are


henceforth shall ye be known as
the good man of the field
henceforth shall ye speak
the nice things for the people

hold crops in your hand and eat them,
yes the life is good


lo everybody
lo how's it going

vanished thought bar: a poem

one day, in bar,
i have vanished thought
and it come back new
but i know it no is thought same no and

Thursday, December 20, 2007

vie capsules: a poem

vie capsules
hand them out to all
we're good
vie capsules

broken record
i'm a broken record
no man's land
no mans land

vie capsules
i eat them like always, man
it's a good
it's a vie capsules

where is the man's land
where do the mans land
where do they vie capsules
what are the vie capsules

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

barnival: a poem

barnival bag
sad old hag
in the lake
is a dirty rag

a fish in the lake
a clam in the bake
everyone enjoys
some fresh-baked hake

nonsense women and nonsense men
couldn't put nonsense together again
the barnival is back in town
and poems that rhyme are really good

conscientiousness: thoughts

One day I was thinking about conscientiousness, and how cool it is. It's so fresh and happening!

twerp guts: a poem

i dug a hole
and i'm going to fill it
with your twerp guts,

Saturday, December 15, 2007

tom cottage thinks: a poem

in his study,
tom cottage stares at the blank page in front of him
but all he can think of is the hard shell
of the time tortoise
that brought him here

hiero flavius: a poem

you are a great painter
you paint pictures of
bark beetle
wooden raft
that's good
you are a great painter, hiero flavius

Friday, December 14, 2007

monoxious: a poem

sinister monoxious
laugh it off
laugh it off, you dumb cow

monoxious and bag
and car and pave mant
laugh it off

turncalst: a poem

drip and drip turncalst
moron harvest at noon
everyone jump off the thing
no questions asked

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the lovely glade: a poem

what enchanting glade is this
where yonder unicorn leaps and hops
and young toads learn how to sing
and a dainty princess is graced by soft moonlight
what the fuck am i saying

untitled aside

a trim tramp on the trampoline
ha ha ha

Monday, December 10, 2007

surface tension: a poem

hornet brigade eats the land
say goodbye to the land
hornets shoot out your hand
that sure is useful sometimes
pipe-walkin', a good time
cliff-walkin' is always a good time
jump from that thing, okay,
it's a good time i guess
i made you welcome to this earth
you made it a charnel house