Saturday, August 30, 2008

You're On Your Way To: Dolderer

All readers directed to project of interest from Friend-of-SifBlog D. Dolderer callsign "Bauber" on non-company site

the wall: a poem

i look at the wall
i stare at the wall
interesting stuff
new giant clam species discovered
please end my misery, lord

forbidden temple: a poem

you've lost your magic
and your spring in your step
you're dumb and fat
and you don't have a job
i can help you, i can help you
just come with me
to the forbidden temple
it from the pit
hi ho cherry-o
to the forbidden temple we go

scene at circus: a poem

at the circus today
a most splendid thing did i see
two great elephants
bedecked in silks from lands exotic
walking 'twixt them, a tiger
standing top the tiger, a monkey
floating 'bove the monkey, a hawk
what a scene, what a scene
what a scene
(wait for it)
at the circus

i walk alone along the grim docks and piers of my heart: a poem

i walk
i walk alone
these grim docks
these grim piers
the grim water below
how it reflects our inner turmoil
how strange it is, how strange
to see you here
standing there, like you own the place
the nerve of this guy