Thursday, September 27, 2007

apple can: a poem

one day i made a remark to my mother
i never forgot it
and it went a little sumpin' like thiiiiiiis

now i lay myself upon scorch'd plains: a poem

o the plains!
how i long for you!
my humble home
my ancestral home
do you know this place
do you know what is in my heart
try your best
try your best to sense that
it's a good thing
the scorch'd plains

klinghoffer's remorse: a poem

his name was klinghoffer
he was a good person
do you remember him?

his name was barris
he was a great old person
do you remember him?

the h-motion of his speech
it was moving
you'll agree

man: an abstract poem

collapsing man
all the way in the building
all the way in the building

going there
going blank
underside of ranch

Monday, September 17, 2007

Suffering Bridge

I can hear it all the way from here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

funlight: a poem

town of funlight
town of good times
town of hopes and dreams
leave'em here
my man,
check out that funlight
it's a great funlight
there's a hope for all of us
there's a good thing there
stay out of riverdale

The Elijah K. Turnbull Memorial

Go there and pay your respects

the return of god: a poem


apple, pear
orange, lime
strawberry, raspberry
all the time

angelfish, catfish
everyone's happy
in the world of candy
everyone is happy


from over the hill i see him coming
it's god
it's god
you know the one i mean

blanch maven: a poem

in a oak tree there's my friend
he sings that song
you know the one

every year he turn into a pond
listen up
every year he turn into a pond
there's no escape