Monday, October 29, 2007

time machine interlude: a poem

time machine men
time machine women
dogs go with them
in the time machine

no time for this
no time for that
it's funny how they do things
in the other county

in a time machine
there is no time
that's a paradox
no no no

in the year before this one
there was a time machine
in my opinion
crab time, good time

Sunday, October 28, 2007

trying plods: a poem

blods, in a heap
blods, make them in a furnace
where are you, blods?
trying blods
welling blods
trying plods
working a plod plan
to take over the earth

Friday, October 26, 2007

gold fossils: a poem


out in the field
we don't know

out in the field
we repeat ourselves
for effect


there are gold fossils
there are a wrong rebus
you smell the gold
you pick it up on the air
it's like a strong harp sound
it soothes you
yeah, it does

gentrols: a poem

gentrols flying high
they make use of the winds
look upon them
see yourself in their motion
see yourself in their fate
their fate which is their doom
now you know the way of god

Thursday, October 25, 2007

shifting corpses: a poem

oh now
shifting corpses
oh now
shifting crop
shifting crop!

all the time now
get it down
all the time now
get it down
all the time now
all right okay!

in a bag a friend!
in time a friend!
let's do it here!
the plans are made!

an important time!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

in bof field: a poem

in bof field...
some time ago
there walked a beast
heh, a beast
heh, a beast

what a guy
what a super guy he was to us all
we paid for dinner

okay, we didn't pay for dinner
what a joker

darg: a short poem

havin' a great time
in 2007
love darg

SifBlog History!: Early draft of "vague operaies: a poem"

vague operaies
shill brag
shill frab
you need the blue key


the song of god: a poem

heavenly lord
heavenly god
all the angels
the heavenly angels
all the heaven-men
the heaven-men who do good
the avatars of his holiness
they are so good
the ones who present him with gifts
they too are good
the ones who present him with sacrifices
they are also good
all the disciples and those like them
they have our blessing
all the same disciples
they have our blessing
the kings and the queens of the land
they are touched by his grace
the commoners and the peasants and the people
they seek his wisdom and find it
the animals what know no better
they are protected by his glory
the sun and the moon and the stars
they don't understand what it is they make up
the universe and the planets and the other men around them
they wouldn't know but they are also touched
the border between the worlds
it is graceful
the pen that writes the story about them
it is blessed as well
all of them, so happy
you see this and you agree and you sing

carpeted glass: a poem

let's get a carpet it glass
what does that mean
let's go darv the car
what does that mean
clink and clank went the glasses
i don't even know
vic, are you there?
ha ha, ok

an arch-class dervish sings: a poem

we all gathered in the hall
arm to arm, and nervous
to hear him talk
he was an arch-class dervish
the highest class
they said he had a lot to say
a lot of sense to make.
he didn't make any.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

the trem caspis: a poem

it's the trem caspis
he's lost it
i don't even know why he does it anymore
i don't know why they don't
take his name away

what does that even mean?
what's a trem caspis?
does anyone even care anymore?
get rid of the trem caspis.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

taut hawsers on my ship: a poem

taut hawsers on my ship, oh!
my ship sails on the ocean, yes!
it sails on the ocean, all right!
the water is very narrow, oh!
let's do it!

all right!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Moon Rocket: a recollection

I remember, as a boy, looking at the moon, and asking my father what it was. He told me it was the moon, and to get there one must take a rocket. I swore to myself I would build a rocket and go to the moon. Would you believe it really happened??!???!?????

movis: a poem

there is planet

it name planet

we go planet
we send man in bottle

he he haw haw

lander & harmonize: a poem

and harmonize
scour the land
find nature for the land
create a colony on the land

they were visionaries in their day
they created in their day
finding new ways to say our words
and to create new things

it's a strange and crazy mixed up cycle

once again: a poem

once again
i wake up
and find myself

metaphorically speaking.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

plaster busts: a poem

in the house of my ancestors
i sought the knowledge of ancients
i thought it would be a good place
...but i was wrong
all the plaster busts
they-a were a-talkin' a' me
and they said...
"don't do that"
heh heh

sarvin': a poem

we are the worker-men
we build a great machine for everyone
we're working, and it feels great
we're the workin' men

the machine is for sarvin'
sarvin' will do amazing things
everyone, look up
it's a great thing there in the sky

h809: poem

ooh ah dracula

Monday, October 8, 2007

i blot a tasister radio

you get a bonus on the fruit machine
when you

mailmarm: a poem

under the bridge
through the woods
a mailmarm plots
a mailmarm waits

there are those who seek its return
there are people in the valley
who want to see it all go that way
they know there's a mailmarm

intensive blofat converter: a poem

metal acreage
intensive blofat converter
machine of harm
waste flows thru' a tube
morret engine collapses transport dropsy
this all makes sense

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bandolier!: a song

oh, in the mountains
oh, in the west
we're on a wagon train
we're all a-movin' west

oh, my old montana
oh, my wagon train
don't you ever leave me
don't you ever go

we're on a baaaaaaandolier
we're on a baaaaaaandolier

hey there, brother, what do you say?
movin' on the wagon train, movin' today!
got lots of food, and supplies for the trip
got lots of money, but we're scared of indians

we're on a baaaaaaandolier
we're on a baaaaaaandolier

Monday, October 1, 2007

homing pons: a poem

a magic in the batch
a magic man
a time for over and under
a time for up and down
a magic homing pon
it comes toward you
it teaches you
it teaches you about the ways of the world
it's a homing pon

love is in the air: a poem-song

love is in the air
oh oh can you feel it

love is everywhere
oh oh i can feel it

talkin' bout good old times
talkin' bout fun good times
talkin' bout all my friends
they're dancin'

go guys!