Friday, April 18, 2008

carrot cake: a poem

ready cargo bay
for optimum loadout
carrot cake is on the way
carrot cake incoming

delicious and nutritious
funky and suspicious
carrot cake coming
carrot cake inbound

voyage to ends of earth
find no cake like carrot cake
sing the praises of the lord
i think he loves the carrot cake


Thursday, April 17, 2008

three poems: a poem

the voyage out
is long
and not fun
but the voyage in
isn't any better

do you remember
that amazing song
it went doo-doo-doo
and we danced all night?

good times that year
good times this year
good times all year
when you're dancing the fun way

strong man: a poem

tap my barge
give you a strong ability
then i take you down
because i'm strong, man

say those words
you lose your ability
then i take you down
you ain't strong, man

yeah, yeah, that's me
i'm the strong man
check me out,
i'm the strong man

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

orders about zoo: a poem

go to the zoo
no, go to the zoo
see the thing in the place
the thing that goes in the water
the thing that teaches us
...that we are just humans, brother
go to that zoo
be in that zoo
experience all the zoo
sing that zoo song
like our ancestors
like our ancestors
you sing that zoo song
you make that zoo song
you experience that zoo life
you become the universe

clear window: a poem

i need a clear window
let me have a clear window
so i can be at peace
i want to see the world
through my clear window
my incredible window
my window that will change the world
just by my observing it

protection: a brief poem

armored goldfish
armored core
fishtank protection
for the king of goldfish
nightmare alley
nightmare town
fishtank protection
is not for that other kind of goldfish

Thursday, April 10, 2008

goodbye: a poem

goodbye to the hills
goodbye to the mountains
goodbye to scaling them
because my legs are gone

goodbye to my legs
goodbye to my legs
goodbye to my legs
because my legs are gone

goodbye to my eyes
goodbye to my legs
but mostly my eyes
and mostly my legs

language: a song-poem

i write that new language
that strong language
that language that gets in your brain
and makes it amazing

your brain is amazing
your brain is amazing
check out a book
from your local library

your brain is amazing
your brain is amazing
put it to use:
build a factory

your brain is amazing
your brain is amazing
why not use it?
think up some thoughts

my language amazing
my language amazing
makes your brain amazing
makes the world amazing

the cry of the people: a poem

we like that umbrella
that umbrella right there
buy it for us
buy it for us

we like this suitcase
this suitcase right here
buy it for us
buy it for us

Monday, April 7, 2008

important news: a poem

important news
important news
i'm gonna give you that
important news
hell yeah
i'm gonna give teach you things
i'm gonna give you news
it's gonna be the news
hell yeah

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

worm in five segments: a poem


underground, a worm lives
not on the ground
but underground
like the mole people


the worm represents
and hate
and fear
and rejection
and hope
and love
the worm represents it twice


born into the world
a worm is so confused
i mean, it doesn't even know its own name


my grandmother was kind to me
she raised me from the time i was a pup
one day she told me
that worms were what held the dead in place
to keep them from rising


important worm announcement
no worms were hurt during the making of this worm poem
thanks to worms and the english language for making this possible

memories of youth: a poem

as a young boy i was told
never to look into the sun
and never to talk to strangers
well, guess what
today i bought some sunglasses
and i'm gonna stare at the sun all i want
and i talk to strangers all i want
you don't own me, dad

understanding the lord: a poem

who among us, i ask you,
can hope to understand the lord?
his mysterious ways
his incredible power
who could ever hope to understand?
the way he moves
the way he plays with his hair
and you fall in love all over again