Thursday, August 30, 2007

i sense the greater spirits: a poem


i sense the greater spirits
they speak to me in ancient tongues
ancient languages
they talk about the old times
the good times
the times we had together
and the times i know we'll always have



on the horizon
coming toward us
look at it
isn't it wonderful?
isn't it the most wonderful thing
the wonderful thing you ever did see?

marveling: a poem

you sit there in your house
they sit there in their houses
watching and seeing...the world

the world....
it goes by....
yet no one feels anything....

what a beautiful life
and yet there is no reason
to let it pass you by, my brother
can you dig it?

oh oh: a poem

toot toot on it
everybody jump on it
get crazy haha
get crazy with it, all right

i'm the maestro
let me dance

Sunday, August 19, 2007

now safbag

is clean now


monster sally: an epic poem

let them tell you about the cave
and the mountains where the cave
and the lake where the cave
and the monster where the cave
and the cavern where the cave
and the canyon where the cave

margerin: a poem

on the


so fash
so fast
school of fish
they're so smart
they're so goddamn smart
except they ain't.

do you know that i love you?: a poem

my sweet heart
a loving gesture
says the world to me

a gentle smile
is so loving

i feel like the man
who climbed a redwood tree
searching for a rare animal

.......only to find himself

Monday, August 13, 2007


I can't get SifBlog back online without Dennis Nedry.