Monday, January 28, 2008

morgus brokay, the happy songster: a poem

look out below, young men and women
because there is a happy ship docking
and you are about to leave on it

don't be crazy,
don't be fighting amongst yourselves
there is happy room for everyone on this happy ship

wherever the happy ship goes, i am there
my name is morgus brokay
and i am the happy songster

Friday, January 18, 2008

principles of geology: a poem

ahoy there
avast there
we are searching for feldspar there
this is our mission:
find the feldspar

we travel high and low
we do not seek moral purpose
only feldspar

through no fault of ours
precious gold turns to lead
grain to frigid dust
and groundwater to sand

in civilization:
a drill rig, operational
lacanian theory
polychlorinated biphenyls
and the anti-mass spectrometer

these were our home
but now we know only feldspar

Thursday, January 17, 2008

truncheon: a small poem

when there are dragons
i go after them with my truncheon
because i am the hero of this story

beer table: a poem

inward to beer table
beer table knows the elements
and he spells them out
so that we can think
about the elements

beer table learned a lot
from that one fellow with the
funny name

hluyck: a poem

building produces hluyck
confuses and recoils
hluyck taught me everything i know
about that particular historical figure
what good is that now, man

source beat: a poem

pay attention to the source beat
live in a cave, it's all right
make notes about the source beat
sleep on a desert floor, oh yeah, chooga chooga

Monday, January 14, 2008

the depot of maintaining thought: a poem

at the depot of maintaining thought
we have a line
things go by
and we pick things off the line
and we put them in boxes
and we call them thing-boxes
i know, i know
it sounds crazy
but believe me:
i definitely work
at the depot of maintaining thought

Sunday, January 13, 2008

friday the thirteenth: a poem

it's friday the thirteenth
in my little town
here we have garbage cans
and there we have a street lamp
but it's friday the thirteenth
so i can't use them
wow, what a sad day

Saturday, January 12, 2008

pumpkin patch: a poem


there is rime on my pumpkins
thought the farmer

and soft hoarfrost

how melancholy is my life


the farmer thought
about escaping to the city
and then laughed

because that was so ironic


the farmer looked over his pumpkin patch
and he thought about his pumpkins

....or did he?????

stars: a poem

sometimes at night
i look up at
the stars
and i think,
you stars sure are great
but they don't say anything

the frog band: a poem

we went to see the frog band play
i had a fun time
and john had a fun time
and pete had a fun time
and susan had a fun time
but mary did not have a fun time
because mary
doesn't like the frog band

evolution blues: a poem

i have the evolution blues, brother
i was a fish, now i am a mammal
i was a squirtle, now i am a wartortle
i have got those evolution blues, brother