Friday, June 1, 2007

oes vos: a poem


hebley went to mars
no rocks, no vials
no apes and no shares
nothing there

o you young hebley
how sad this vaca'tion is


oes vos
here in the oes vos
i hear that train
it's saying
hey hey
ho ho
this penis party's got to go
hey hey
ho ho


three things
three important things:

bottled carp
tendentious foodfork
ape against galaxies

no one knows them
no one sees them
no one hears them
no one smells them
no one feels them
but they feel the love,
they feel the love.


caspus on his boat:
look a'im
caspus eats a whole tyre
borl ap
no way

1 comment:

borl said...

sir, i must protest at your use of my name in your "poetry." six generations of borl have come and gone, each increasing and strengthening the legacy of the ap clan, and here now, on the internet of all places, i find my name and the name of my father, my grandfather, my great grandfather, my great-great grandfather and also his father (though he spelled borl with a u, i.e. "bourl") used in a most uncanny and impolite fashion. cease and desist, sir, if you have any honor at all.