Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the song of god: a poem

heavenly lord
heavenly god
all the angels
the heavenly angels
all the heaven-men
the heaven-men who do good
the avatars of his holiness
they are so good
the ones who present him with gifts
they too are good
the ones who present him with sacrifices
they are also good
all the disciples and those like them
they have our blessing
all the same disciples
they have our blessing
the kings and the queens of the land
they are touched by his grace
the commoners and the peasants and the people
they seek his wisdom and find it
the animals what know no better
they are protected by his glory
the sun and the moon and the stars
they don't understand what it is they make up
the universe and the planets and the other men around them
they wouldn't know but they are also touched
the border between the worlds
it is graceful
the pen that writes the story about them
it is blessed as well
all of them, so happy
you see this and you agree and you sing

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