Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One afternoon at the beach, I came upon a beautifully constructed sandcastle. Upon close inspection, I found that it was replete with windows, doors, and little rooms. What a wonder of craftsmanship and devotion, I thought to myself. Just then, as I was thinking that thing to myself, I heard a little voice, not unlike what you would imagine a mouse's voice would sound like. I heard the voice again, and gathered that it was coming from the magnificent sandcastle. I crouched down, and heard the voice again, and clearly.

"You there," it said, "tall guy."

Out from the front door of the castle came a tiny little crab, and I realized that it was the speaker.

"Me?" I asked it.

"Yes, you," said the crab. "I got a favor to ask."

"Well," I told him, "I would be happy to help you out, little crab."

"Can you watch my castle while I go get something to eat?"

I thought about it. "Sure thing," I said.

"Thanks. Just make sure nothing bad happens. It took me forever to build this place."

"Okay. Good luck."

"Thanks," he said again, and hurried off into the ocean.

I sat for a while next to the castle, admiring it, staring off into the sunset, waiting for the little crab to return. A seagull squawked off in the distance and I was reminded of our childhood trips to the Jersey Shore. After about twenty minutes, when the sun was more than halfway into the ocean, the crab came scuttling out of the water and up towards me.

"Thanks, pal," he said. "Boy, am I stuffed."

"You're welcome," I told him.

"Listen, I don't know how I can pay you back for this. I usually have some polished glass or a nice seashell lying around, but I'm hard up at the moment."

"Don't worry about it."

"I appreciate it, buddy. Hey, if you're ever in the area again, I'll make it up to you."

"Sounds good, but how will I know where to find you? This castle can't last long so close to the water."

"Not a problem," said the crab. "Next time you're at the beach, just ask for Todd."


HamWarmer said...

Todd is really something.

Anonymous said...

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le_fin said...

I love Todd

Adam said...

I'd like to hear more about this sandcastle. I'm very impressed with the little windows and doors and such. Have Todd email me with the floor plan.